Have a question about what we do and how we do it? Here are some of the basics.


Who was Helen Bader?
Throughout her life, Helen Bader sought to help those in need. From performing arts to families facing poverty, her passions and pursuits form the core of the Foundation’s interests. We invite you to learn more.

What’s been your impact?
We’ve awarded more than $225 million in grants since we opened in 1992, which have affected the lives of countless individuals. Beyond our financial investments, we seek to leverage new ideas, share knowledge, and build momentum on issues facing the communities we serve. Search our grants for thousands of examples.

Grant Process

What are your interests?
We seek proposals in specific program areas, within these geographic boundaries:

Proposals for our other grant programs are solicited by our staff.

Can I apply?

We welcome applications in our key interest areas. Please note that we cannot provide direct support to individuals, including individual scholarships. Our grants programs can support nonprofits, as well as government entities, and our Program Related Investments can consider for-profit opportunities with charitable purposes that align with our mission. Please see our guidelines for more information.

How do I complete a Preliminary Application?

The grant application process starts with a Preliminary Application. We have compiled some of our FAQs on the HBF Help Desk, as well as tutorial videos.

How do I complete a Full Proposal?

If our staff is interested in learning more, we'll request a Full Proposal to learn more about the details of your request. Since it's more in depth than the Preliminary Application, the HBF Help Desk has a separate set of FAQs and tutorial videos.

How do I complete a Progress Report?

After the grant or Program Related Investment is awarded, we want to hear about the human and organizational impact, as well as accounting for how Foundation funds were expended. Check the HBF Help Desk for guidelines and tutorial videos.

Employment Opportunities

Are you hiring? It's not often that we'll have job openings to share, but when we do, we strive to identify high-caliber candidates in multiple ways, including professional channels, as well as a post on our homepage.