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Big Yellow Boxes Mean a Path to a Job

That 1978 copy of The Hardy Boys might fetch 25 cents at your spring yard sale, but across the internet, it might be worth a whole lot more.   For Milwaukee Working on the city’s north side, the process of sorting, grading, and fulfilling shipments of donated books, DVDs, games, and other items not only helps the nonprofit train low-income men and women – but all proceeds help sustain the... Read More

Police, Educators, Teens Link for a Brighter Milwaukee

Students Talking it Over with Police (STOP) is an initiative of the Milwaukee Police Department to build stronger lines of communication with teens and youth. Each summer, it holds the STOP BASH--probably the largest back-to-school celebration in the city-and during the school year, it works in local schools to help the city's future leaders better understand the role of law enforcement in... Read More

Honoring the Harpoles' Commitment to Milwaukee

Today, longtime HBF friends Mildred and Reuben Harpole were recognized for their commitment to Milwaukee in a ceremony at City Hall. For years, Reuben helped shape our program addressing the needs of low-income city youth, guiding more than $6.4 million in funding to groups throughout the city to help broaden the horizons for these youth. For a sample of why HBF feels investing in our youth is... Read More

Parachuting Cats

Have you ever wanted to visit Jerusalem? The capital of Israel is an amazing city, and our work there occasionally gives us the chance to visit and meet the people we serve first hand. The city is definitely a wonder. Sure, there are the diversity of cultures converging and a rich history beneath your feet, but there’s something equally notable: all the stray cats. From an Upper Midwest... Read More